UK tax for Brits abroad

This area is actively under construction. The basics are here already. More will appearing regularly (that's a promise) until it is all done!

UK income tax for Brits overseas
Resident? Are you Resident, Ordinarily Resident or Domiciled in the UK? Find out!
91 & 183 days The two important rules used to test residence.
Where am I taxed? Where must you pay income tax?
Nasty surprise A tax liability in a third country?
Double taxation A word about Double Taxation Treaties
Social tax for Brits overseas
Social Taxes A general word about Social Taxes
International Agreements Bilateral Social Tax Treaties cover most countries in which a Brit might find work
Reciprocal health care deals. The E111, E128 and all that.
Other topics
How should you work when overseas? Freelance, agency employee, management company, umbrella company.
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Expatriate taxation is a very complicated area. By definition, the laws of at least two countries will be involved. Also, the circumstances of individuals varies. The result is that no guide like this can ever guarantee to be comprehensive or accurate in every individual case.

I hope that, when this section is complete, it will answer a lot of questions and put you in a good position to understand how the tax laws may affect your own circumstances.

However, I stress that you must take professional advice on your own circumstances or you will run the risk of a nasty surprise.