Chateau Les Tourelles1999
When I pulled the cork on this wine, the aroma was enchanting: strong, full and fruity. Pour it out and the colour is deep and dark and when you taste it everything is very rewarding with a full smooth body and a full rounded taste with perhaps just a touch of a rough aftertaste.

There are only two things that I can pick out as being wrong with this wine. First, Tengelmenn, the shop where we bought it offers a cheaper wine, Chateau Les Lesques 1999 which is just as good and worse, the Plus supermarkets was selling Chateau Mounan Barbet 2000 for little more than half the price and that was a much better wine.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating -1


Chateau Les Tourelles1999
Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Crus Bourgeois
Appellation Medoc Controlee
Bottled at the Chateau
Euro5.11 from Tengelmann in Germany in Jan 2002.
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