Chateau Les Lesques 1999
This wine is keenly priced for it's label and the contents just about live up to the billing. It doesn't have the richness or subtlety that we would expect for twice the price but it's jolly nice all the same. When we tried it, the balance of acid and tannin were just right and we certainly enjoyed it more than the run of the mill Bordeaux that can be had for a couple of marks less.

At two years old, this wine is certainly ready to drink. If given another year or so, it might get a little better but I doubt that the reward would be worth the wait.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating 0

The details:
Chateau Les Lesques 1999
Grand vin de Bordeaux
Appellation Bordeaux Superieur Controlee
Bottled by Marvin Per et Fils France
DeM6.99 from Tengelmann in Germany
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