Chateau La Fontaine Saint-Justin 1999
We enjoyed a couple of bottles of the 1997 vintage from this Chateau and so we were interested to try the 1999 when it arrived on the shelves in Marktkauf.

At a little less than two years old, it is ready to drink straight away and it is marketed as such.

It is a very agreeable wine with a good aroma and body but it lacks the "roll it round your mouth again and again" appeal that attracted me to the 1997 vintage. I like it but you can do better for the money.

Wine rating 6/10. Value rating -1

The details:

Chateau La Fontaine Saint-Justin 1999
Grand vin de Bordeaux
Appellation Cotes de Bourg Controlee
Bottled at the Chateau by Joel Magnen
DeM8.99 from Marktkauf in Germany

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