Chateau des Trois Moulins1999
First the good points: This wine has a lovely deep purple colour and a strong and attractive aroma. It has just about the correct level of acidity, a smooth texture and a pleasant taste.

The two minor negative points are a slight excess of tannin and a slightly rough aftertaste.

These would normally be resolved by a couple more years in the bottle and the wine itself certainly has the qualities necessary to make that possible. I note in passing that, at little more than two years old it had already thrown a very substantial sediment.

The biggest problem though was the quality of the cork. The one in my bottle was ill fitting, beginning to leak and cracked almost the whole way across its body. The crack was full of sediment so it was clearly not a result of the jpoc cork pulling technique. Ten years ago, one had to accept occasional poor quality corks as an inescapable fact of life but modern quality controls mean that such problems only occur if the bottler is taking insufficient care over the process and that is unacceptable. Had this bottle been cellared for another year, it would probably have spoiled and where there is one bad cork, there will be more. Spend your money elsewhere.

Wine rating 5/10. Value rating -2


Chateau des Trois Moulins1999
Grand Vin de Bordeaux
Appellation Cotes de Bourg Controlee
Bottled at the Chateau by Vinzrama, Gironde, France.
Euro5.11 from Tengelmann in Germany in Jan 2002.
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