Moulin Du Cartillon 1997
Give or take a pfennig or two, this is the most expensive wine in Lidl and the label certainly lives up to the price. Coming from the Haut-Medoc, bottled at the Chateau and classified as a Grand vin de Bordeaux it looks the part.

It almost tastes the part to. We liked this wine, it was pleasant with a good body and a dark solid colour. The trouble was that you can get all of these things for half the price in a Bordeaux from the same shop with a different label.

Wine rating 5/10. Value rating -1


Moulin Du Cartillon 1997
Grand vin de Bordeaux
Appellation Haut-Medoc Controlee
Bottled at the Chateau
DeM9.98 from Lidl in Germany
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