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Hats off to Euan Blair's school "chums".

Well done guys. Tony Blair gets on his high horse and goes banging on about the evils of young people going out and having too much to drink. Then he invents a couple of mad schemes to get the police to march people off to cash machines and take their money if they are drunk and to take their passports if they look like going abroad to watch a soccer match.

So, the Blair child's school mates take him out on a bender, get him falling down drunk and park him on the pavement in the middle of one of London's busiest night spots.

If it was not for the fact that they are all probably a lot richer than me I'd even offer to chip in my share of the bar bill. Actually, I would not be surprised to find out the drinks were being paid for by a third party already but then my friend Mike keeps trying to turn me into a conspiracy nut.

Anyway, I'll take the opportunity to add another comment here. Replace the two instances in the first paragraph of the word "take" with "steal" and you get something that sounds like it might happen in Nigeria.

Now, even if you think that the British Bobby is unerringly honest, decent and a model of probity, you will have to admit that these rules would put them in an intolerable position of being accused of theft.

If you happen to have been awake for enough of the last thirty years to have seen the news reports of instances where hundreds of individual officers have been caught lying under oath in court you will find these new powers chillingly portentious.

If you have ever lived in Belgium, you will be aware that there, the police do have similar powers and they are regularly abused

Blair is off his nut and needs the kind of wake up call that he has been sent.


It occured to me later that there was one other interesting aspect. Euan Blair was criticised in the press for giving a false name when first questioned by the police. While I can see their point, I can also envisage what would happen if, a young lad, picked up drunk on the street claimed to be the son of the Prime Minister.

"Oh yes laddie? Tell you what, would you like to fall down this staircase now or will you tell me the truth?"

If any of my younger readers wants to put this to the test, please remember to email me with the police response to your little joke.

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