The Millennium Dome, doomed from the outset jpoc opinion

The Millennium Dome continues to lap up more and more money while in Germany, the Expo 2000 attracts far fewer visitors than expected and staff are laid off.

Why? What has gone wrong? Are the exhibitions badly designed? Is the price too high? Is it all down to poor publicity or organisation?

As is always the case in our society, when something goes wrong, the bottom line question is: Who is to blame?

In the past, this type of event seemed always to succeed but that is no longer the case and I maintain that the phenomenum is not a problem of the events but a feature of our modern society.

I remember when I was a child. My mother would take us all for a day to visit the ideal home exhibition at Olympia in London. What woud I think of such an exhibition today? Most likely I'd yawn and point out that most of the content could be seen at any time on the home shopping channel.

Today, the target visitors to the dome have thirty channels of television, more multimedia CD-ROM encyclopaedias than they have time to read, internet access and so on.

In short, it is much harder to impress people today then in the past.

The real mistake was to imagine that a project like the dome could ever be a success.

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