Neil Young: Silver and Gold (2000) a jpoc music review

Neil's gentler side.

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Eight out of ten.

Neil Young just keeps on making great music.

My review

Neil Young likes to sort his output by style. The grunge goes into one CD then the softer almost country material goes onto the next. This CD is the softer side of Neil Young.

If you think that means that it sounds like Harvest Moon you'd be wrong. One of Young's greatest talents is that he can take one of his stylistic forms and move it on. These songs are very simple and also beautiful and delicate. Listening to "Daddy Went Walkin'" from this album and "Old King" from Harvest Moon is a perfect example of how Neil Young takes a certain style and develops it further.

The title track crystallises the mood of this album perfectly. Neil's voice is so clear. It's hard to understand that this is the same voice that can also deliver his powerful grunge style. It's also amazing that he has kept his voice so well over the years.

This is not the best, or most accessible of Neil's gentler work. After the Goldrush, Harvest and Harvest Moon all rank above this but, if you like those, you will be captivated by this CD.