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Glory indeed.

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Ten out of ten.

Neil Young at his rocking best

My review

Neil Young greeted his fourth decade as a recording artist with this solid rocker backed by Crazy Horse. This is a very compelling album and, like the title of track four, I can listen to it over and over.

If you are familiar with Neil's other albums with Crazy horse, you will know what to expect but, if you have only ever heard his lighter, more folksy stuff like Harvest, then I'd encourage you to listen to this as it shows a very different side of his music. This is much more rock oriented with some great guitar work.

The general style is related to, for example, the earlier release Zuma with the same backing team but he has something new to say here. I tried to list my real favourites and I ended up with a list of well over half of the tracks on the album.

The only song that I'm not really happy with is "Farmer John" which is the only cover and somehow, the song just doesn't fit with the rest of the album, everything else being original by Neil Young for this album.

But that is a minor criticism of a CD which has over and hour of top rate rock songs. Learn the words, play it loud and try to sing along. Then marvel at Neil's vocal range.