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High paced frantic rock.

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My Rating

Five out of ten.

Not bad at all.

My review

There's a good range of styles on this CD it's not the kind of thing that has you quickly bored. It's all rock of some description and while punk is the main theme, there is some pretty mellow stuff in there too.

Lots of the tracks remind me of the styles of other bands and it must be said that there is nothing here that is earth-shakingly new. But that's not necessarily a bad thing and it certainly leads to the variety in the album

My favourite track is "I'd like to know" it's the kind of music that never seems to give up. It has a great bass line that really pushes things on and on. There is some pretty good drumming too. "Time" is another highlight from the album.

The overall standard is high but one or two tracks seem to be below the quality of the others and sometimes the music feels rather self-indulgent. All in all, a bit of a mixed bag.