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This is OK, but it's not great.

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My Rating

Five out of ten.

If you like this, I'd suggest that you see if you can get hold of a copy of "Breath Awhile" by Arcadium which is very similar in style.

My review

The music here is very much a synthesis of a lot of rock music from the seventies. I kept listening to the CD and thinking that I had heard various bits before on other albums.

The mood seems to be rather downbeat and what is really lacking is emotion and feeling especially in the vocals. Words like "was it really all inside your little big headed mind" are sung in the same tone of voice that might ask if the number seven bus has gone yet.

I was not very impressed with the drumming which often seemed both too prominent and monotonous.

I cannot really pick a favourite because nothing stood out but equally, I can't point to anything and say that it was weak.