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Full of really great songs.

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Ten out of ten.


My review

Every day that I find the time to listen to this CD, I feel that I am giving myself an extra special treat. It really is one of the best CDs of this type of music ever made. The CD opens with three truely knockout songs. "Drive", "Try Not to Breath" and "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite."

Next comes a change of pace to the slower but riveting "Everybody Hurts" and the rather weak "New Orleans Instrumental No. 1."

After that brief interlude, we return to the blisteringly high standards of the opening tracks. Incomparable vocals, majestic arrangements and melodies the like of which have not been heard since the days of Syd Barrett.

Of the latter half of the CD, "Man on the Moon" is just so good that it stands out even in this company. But that comment must not be taken at the expense of the rest of the CD which is landmark of its decade.