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From the early days.

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Six out of ten.

Not their finest but it will be of interest to fans.

My review

On this, their second album, Man explored a number of different ideas and styles as they sought to define their own sound.

The opening track, "Prelude/The Storm" sounds a lot like something that may have been created by the early Pink Floyd on one of their better days. After this, the music moves on to the more straightforward rock music that was to become the band's mainstay.

The highlight of course is a very early version Spunk Rock one of the bands long time anthems. While fans of the band generally agree that this is not the finest, it is great to listen to the track here and then to see how it developed. It was named Spunk Box here because the record company objected to the original title but somehow they changed the word that didn't offend them.

There are a lot of rough edges to this CD but that is not really a surprise give that it dates from the earliest years of the band's career. As such it's appeal is limited and it does not make a good introduction to the band. If you are new to Man, you would be better off with something like "Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day" but if you have that and a couple of the other early to mid seventies CD, you will enjoy this CD.

As with Spunk Rock, the record company also objected to the song title "Shit on the World" but when they asked what they could change it to, they were told to leave it alone. In the words of the band: "It's as it Must Be" but in the mind of the record company, that was fine as a new song title.