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Lots of energy and impact.

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My Rating

Seven out of ten.

My review

When I first put this CD into the player, the sound of the opening track seemed to explode at me out of the headphones. It really has a lot of presence and punch.

I like this CD, there are some interesting tracks here with good melodies and some solid rocking and a sense that all concerned are involved in the music rather than just playing along. There are a lot of good tracks here, Grant Hart fans will love it but really this deserves a wider audience than that.

"Think it Over Now" is an appealing combination of heavy rocking with a good melody and I also like "Seka Knows" and the frenetically wacky "Little Nemo." The highlight though is the witty and catchy "Run Run Run to the Centre Pompidou" which is one of those songs that won't get out of your head.