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Intelligent, melodic and Swedish

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My Rating

Seven out of ten.

A respectable debut.

My review

A selection of easy listening rock/pop songs in a sort of "aspiring to be R.E.M." style. That is not said as a criticism. There are some very fine intelligent songs on this CD which is rather more interesting than many of the offerings of contemporary British and American bands.

I really liked "daydreamer", "she's with the band", "the end of the century", "wasted", "heroin" and "little man" but that's just over half of the songs so it all adds up to a good deal.

The band says that they write their lyrics from their own experiences in their home town and that certainly rings true. The songs have the sort of sardonic and bleak view of life as for example Eleanor Rigby or Dylan's album "John Wesley Harding".

I cannot imagine anyone listening to this CD and suddenly being transfixed by the beauty or depth of a song but the band clearly has the potential to make some really fine music.