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Six out of ten.
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Try to imagine that The Clash had been around in the late sixties and had invented punk while under the influence of The Beach Boys. Well, that is what a lot of the music on here sounds like. Uptempo driven by the drums rhythms coupled to lots of laid back twanging guitars.

That is not meant as disparagement. Some of the songs here are good indeed. Judging by the way in which some of the melodies and guitar styles appeared later in works by more successful bands, other people also like them. Later works by Queen, Oasis and Big Country all contain echoes of the music here.

The best parts of this CD are in the first half and I do wonder if perhaps the band was just running sort of ideas in this album.

Listen to "Don't Fall", "Monkeyland" and "Second Skin" to get an idea of what this band can do.