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Well worth a listen.
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Six out of ten.

Back to the seventies.
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This CD reminds me a lot of the Stones' "Exile on Main Street" album but with added glimpses of seventies style glam rock and even Deep Purple from the "Fireball" era.

The trouble is, the Stones didn't just make great music, their songs had something to say both musically and in the lyrics and this is largely missing here.

On Exile and Sticky Fingers, the Stones explored a number of musical styles but here the Crowes tend to stick to one style only.

There are some parts of this CD that stand out though. Especially, the guitar parts on "Heavy" and "Then She Said My Name" and the two songs "Welcome To The Goodtimes" and "Go Tell The Congregation". If the band could hit the target more often, they would really stand out.

I you like this, you should check out the Stones from the late sixties to the mid seventies and also things like Deep Purples "Fireball" or early Mott the Hoople