David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars a jpoc music review

Bowie's finest work and there is nothing better from the era..

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Ten out of ten.


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Perhaps Bowies's most famous and most sucessful album. Deservedly so because it is his peak and indeed, this is one of the defining musical moments of the early seventies.

It is possible to write all sorts of analytical theses about the alien persona of Ziggy and the sense off alienation in the music but, when you come down to it, this album is about blisteringly good music.

Powerful lyrics, delivered with Bowie's mesmeric and haunting voice supported by muic which alternates between raw edged starkness and a rich wall of sound. Just about every track on this album could have been released as a single and they would all have been hits.

Im not going to select a favourite track because they are all so good.

Now, with this remastered CD, replete with several bonus tracks we have a real gem. The remastering has been done well and has given the music even more punch. Most CD issues with bonus tracks serve mostly to illustrate why some material was originally left off the album. That is not the case here. The extras range from well known B-side tracks through to original demos of some of best known songs on the album. All are great additions to the CD.