Blondie the jpoc Discography
Let's face it, Blondie were not around for that long and they did not record enough albums to satisfy the greed of the record companies. Because of this, the record companies have released a plethora of compilation albums, remix collections, compilations of remixes and remixes of the compilations.

That's fair enough. As any record company exec will tell you, a cocaine habit gets expensive when you approach middle age and find yourself having to score off the kind of dealer who drives an Audi and discretely accepts your corporate Amex. The suits have to make a living and that is how they do it.

That means that if you do a search for Blondie on one of the sites that sells CDs, you will discover three zillion items most of which are unavailable or of no real interest. (Who really wants the Tellytubbies remix of "Heart of Glass"? I don't but I bet that somebody is working on it right now.)

To help cut through the crap, here is my annotated discography of what is actually available. I'll try to keep on top of this by adding new stuff like the remastered CDs with bonus tracks as they come out.

Mainstream Blondie releases
Title Notes Availability First release
Blondie Debut album remastered in 1996 1976
Plastic Letters Bonus tracks on some versions 1977
Parallel Lines Their top seller 1978
Eat to the Beat Some versions have bonus tracks 1979
Autoamerican Import version with one bonus track 1980
The Hunter Not their finest hour 1982
No Exit Reunion Album 1999
Title Notes Availability First release
Blondie Live-1978 Philadelphia not all tracks are live 1999
Live in Philadelphia '78 & Dallas see above 1999
Live From the no exit tour 1999
Title Notes Availability First release
The best of Blondie Same title and cover but the us and UK versions are not the same! 1981
Platinum Collection 2 CD retro but if you want this much material, you probably want the original cds 1994
Best of Blondie Just ten tracks on this one 1999
Blonde & Beyond Mostly remixes and alternate versions for fans only 1993
Blondie Is the Name of the Band Obscure archival material unearthed in Germany 2000
Atomic Blondie's Greatest Hits 21 tracks on one cd 1998
The Complete Picture: Very Best of Blondie Not just Blondie, lots of Debbie Harry solo as well 1993
Denis-Best of Blondie Need more Blondie compilations? Don't worry, they release one a week. 1997
The Essential Collection See, I told you so 1997
Picture This - Essential Blondie
Money to waste? Throw it away on pointless remixes.
Title Notes Availability First release
The Remix Project 1995
Beautiful (Remix Album)
Debbie Harry solo
Title Notes Availability First release
Once More Into The Bleach 1988
Best of Blondie One of many compilations available
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