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jpoc rating
Six out of ten: Shows promise.
If you decide that you want this CD, I suggest that you buy the US version with the extra track.
the jpoc review
This is Anastacia's second album and it contains a dozen (baker's or normal) songs in a stle that goes from Pop to Funk. If you buy the US release, you will get one additional track. That must be very irritating for all of her US based fans who bought the international version of the CD as an import because it was available months before the US release.

Putting that little gripe aside, what about the music? Anastacia has a very strong voice and she puts it to good use in a range of styles ranging from the pop ballad of the first part of "You'll Never Be Alone" to the soul & funk numbers that make up about half of this CD. The highlights of the CD are the last two tracks "I Dreamed You" and "Overdue Goodbye (Reprise)" and one reason for that is that they are the only places on the CD where Anastacia really puts emotion and atmosphere into the songs.

Those two tracks apart, the rest of the CD passes by as easy and pleasing to listen to but not at all memorable. At least in part, the production is to blame as the music often fails to match the mood of the lyrics but also, the point should be made that the music on this CD is pretty anonymous and has little or nothing new to say.

If female vocalists singing a light mixture of pop soul and funk are your cup of tea then buy this CD and you will be happy but don't expect more.