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I'm posting new reviews here at the rate of about two a week. If you want to see what are the latest entries, just check out the site's what's new page.

I've started to work through my file of reviews of all the films that I saw while I was in Brussels. The first few are now up here. I'll add one or two a week until the lot is done.

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The action is here Action, Adventure & Thriller movies
Trainspotting A Great British film!
Striptease Why did they do this?
Angel Baby Perhaps the best film ever from Australia!
The Full Monty Loads of laughs and a warm human story!
Trees Lounge Dark film about a downward spiral.
The English Patient One of the finest films ever made?
The Passion of Darkly Noon Weak plot but wonderful filming and Ashley Judd is outstanding
Normal Life Weak plot but Ashley Judd is outstanding (see above)
Picnic at Hanging Rock An etherial mystery story
The Passenger One of my top three films ever
Leaving Las Vegas Powerful, compelling and painful
Naked A film without purpose about people without purpose.
The Thomas Crown Affair It felt like a made for TV movie.
Anna and the King No songs this time!
Breathless Let Richard Gere entertain you!
Six Days, Seven Nights A Harrison Ford special
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Brilliant movie
Taxi Driver Dark and moody drama with De Niro and Foster
Billy Elliot Brilliant, essential!
Badlands Boy meets girl, kills her dad and goes on the run.
Finding Forrester Unconvincing
The Adventures of Hajji Baba Fifties "swords and sandals" B movie
There's Only One Jimmy Grimble Young teenager's feel good movie
Dog Day Afternoon Pacino at his best
Disclosure Good plot fails to inspire the actors
Blade Runner SF classic film noir
Dark Star (1974) Cult Classic
Dune (2000) Faithful to the book
Johnny Mnemonic Weak SF film noir
Logan's Run Eye candy
Soylent Green Slightly lame attempt at a future noir
The Matrix (1999) Can custom shades and leather trenchcoats save mankind?
Mr Hulot's Holiday A film full of magic.
Dark Star (1974) Cult Classic
Love Serenade Australian comedy
Twin Town Rather weak Welsh comedy.
Bedazzled Don't waste your time
Last Action Hero Mediocre teen's comedy
Kelly's Heroes Mash meets The Dirty Dozen
Interview With the Vampire A vampire film with a difference
The Lost Boys Average adolescent horror
Art movies (Covers a lot of sins)
The Falls The most boring movie ever!
Speaking Directly by Jon Jost This has got to be the worlds worst movie!
Man Bites Dog Serial killer shocker from Belgium.
Dead Man Excellent art-western.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Drug fuelled existentialism
For Children (of whatever age)
The Big Friendly Giant Wonderful animation of the Roald Dahl story!
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