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Underdeveloped undercover cops adventure.
Main Cast
Reece Dinsdale John
Richard Graham (I) Trevor
Perry Fenwick Eddie
Philip Glenister Charlie
Claire Skinner (I) Marie
Saskia Reeves Lynda
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jpoc rating
Five out of ten.

I picked this up from the budget bin in the duty free at Heathrow one weekend. Worth one viewing but no more.

jpoc review
Four young London Police officers go undercover, posing as football hooligans in order to catch the people who are suspected of masterminding the violence at one particular club. The officers are given a large degree of freedom, even being given their own base to work from away from a police station.

One officer, John (Reece Dinsdale) takes to the assignment like a duck to water. He is the most convincing of the four and it is his drive that gets them accepted within their target group.

Slowly though, ambiguity creeps into his position. Is he a police officer doing a really fine job of maintaining his cover and following through on a hard mission? Is he becoming one of the people whom the police are out to catch? His moments of violence become more extreme but he continues to be the person who rescues the undercover operation by convincing the hooligan gangs that they are not undercover police.

While he is keeping his fellow policemen in the undercover network, they are struggling to keep him inside the force and they begin to have to cover for some of his excesses. Where will it lead? Will John get to the top men and get evidence on them before he goes over the edge or before the operation is closed to pull him out?

The film is a fascinating tale of conflicts of loyalty and behaviour under pressure but sadly, the presentation is two dimensional. Nothing ever helps you to get inside the characters and so they all appear to be rather flat. This is really a problem with the script and the supporting cast some of whom just do not pull their weight.