Daylight (1996) Directed by Rob Cohen: a jpoc movie review
Formulaic disaster movie stuff.
Main Cast
Sylvester Stallone Kit Latura
Amy Brenneman Madelyne Thompson
Viggo Mortensen Roy Nord
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Rating and viewing notes
Four out of ten.
I saw this film on the first of March 1997 at the Kinepolis in Brussels.
The jpoc review
This film was meticulously crafted to the established disaster movie recipe. That recipe demands a handsome but misunderstood hero, a pretty girl for him to rescue, a good but not particularly likeable person who will die on cue and of course, a spectacular disaster.

That is exactly what is served up here. The scenario is that the Holland Tunnel has collapsed at both ends because of a multiple vehicle pile up that involved some highly flammable waste being carried illegally through the tunnel. The requisite set of characters are trapped inside the tunnel and have to find a way out. Time pressure is added by the fact that the tunnel is not going to keep the water out forever and Stallone has to find a way out through long forgotten passages in order to save himself and the girl.

If you are a disaster movie fan, you are sure to like this film because it passes all of the standard disaster movie tests. However, there is nothing in the film that can give it a wider appeal than that. The special effects for the explosion in the tunnel are very good indeed but the impact of those effects fades with time as new films go further with better technology.

The things which make a film last are missing here. You can be pretty sure about who will escape and who will perish so there is no suspense. Also, despite a setting with a lot of potential, there is no real atmosphere. A lot of that is down to the script and acting both of which are pretty pedestrian.

As a result, I can only recommend this movie to disaster film buffs and Stallone fans.