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We live in a world where the package tour is the only only way for many folks to go on holiday and there are a number of companies offering package deals for men to visit Russia and meet women.

So what does such a package involve? Of course, as you would expect with any package holiday, the deal includes flights, visas, hotel transfers and accommodation. Beyond that, the tour will include one or more so called social evenings. I have never been to such a function so I am relying on the descriptions of men and women who have.

The organisers usually take over a large function room in an hotel and invite as many women as they can to attend the evening with the men who have paid for the tour. Occasionally, other western men who are in town are allowed to attend on payment of a fee. While the actual ratio will vary, you can expect that there will be a lot more women present than men. The organisers will provide interpreters as necessary.

Most tours will include more than one such event in a week's visit but you will of course need some evenings away from this because it is to be hoped that any man attending will have met at least one woman with whom he wants to try a date away from the social evening.

Despite the presence of many more women than men, there may be rather fewer women genuinely interested in a long term relationship than you might hope.

So, what other reason might a woman have for attending such an event? The most obvious is a prostitute. I am sure that the organisers will try to filter out such types but they will never be completely successful. This is the most dangerous type of bogus attendee simply because such a woman can waste a lot of your time before she gets around to asking for money.

Some women may turn up because the event is in effect a free party. There is generally some food and drink available plus the prospect of a subsequent dinner invitation from a wealthy westerner. These things do attract some women who are not interested in taking things further.

Other women are there to act as moral support for a friend who is seriously looking.

Many people reading this will feel that such a meeting forum is not for them. Personally, I will also say that something like this is not for me but this opinion must be tempered by the clear fact the for some folks, it works very well indeed.

I've outlined some of the downsides but there are positive factors to consider. If you are not confident in your ability to choose and woo a woman by email and over the phone, this may well be the best way for you. Also, if your time to visit Russia is limited this is a very fast way to meet a lot of women.

That's it, remember, what is right for one man is most certainly not right for all. Work out what is right for you and do it.

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