Avoiding the need to send money to Russia

What on earth do I mean? well, the main reason for a man to have to send a substantial amount of money to a lady in the Former Soviet Union is in order to let her buy a plane ticket so that she can travel to the man either as a visitor or as a fiancee.

Now, while most such transfers are fully open and honest, the plane ticket scam is one of the most common ways for a woman to hit a man for a substantial sum of money. A man wires his sweetheart fifteen hundred dollars for a ticket from Moscow to Chicago. He goes to the airport to meet her from the flight and she never shows up.

It happens. It has been claimed by some men that they found out that they were not the only man waiting for the same Ms No-show off the same flight.

There is a simple solution to both the risk of the scam and the cost of sending money overseas. Buy the ticket in your own country but arrange to have it collected at the departure airport. This is a normal standard procedure all over the world. I have done this dozens of times for my own flights or for those of other people. I've done it three times for flights from Russia to Germany with Lufthansa, Swissair and Aeroflot/Pulkovo. I understand that some American airlines charge an extra fee for this but I have never had such a charge for European flights. Anyway, even if you must pay ten dollars that is a lot less than the cost of a WU transfer.

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