JPOC's wine rating guide

All winf on the website is given a rating. In case you are interested, this is how the ratings are awarded:

10/10: Float me off to heaven and let the angels spoonfeed me with ambrosia, I am in rapture.

9/10: Exceptionally good. I'll have another case please.

8/10:Very good, most satisfying.

7/10: A good wine. Nothing nasty here.

6/10: Thoroughly drinkable, enjoyable but not special.

5/10: You'd rather that you had chosen something else but if this is what you have got then this is what you will drink.

4/10: I'll drink it but that's it.

3/10: I will not drink this but I will cook with it.

2/10 I will pour this down the sink, it's disgusting.

1/10 I'm not touching this. I will put it in a dark corner with biohaz warnings and call the council to dispose of it. It's a miracle that it didn't etch its way out of the bottle.

Value ratings

How do I assign a value rating to a wine? Well, I used to just give a subjective number that reflected the price and quality. Now, I do this by a more objective scheme. I have my own idea of what I should pay for a wine in each of the categories that I list and the value rating is then obtained by subtracting the rating for that price from the rating that I give to the wine. So, ratings can now be negative as well as positive for value. I've updated the original reviews to reflect the ratings scheme.

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