Ford Focus Estate y2K model year.

So, if I had to choose what to park outside each night, would it be one of these?

Would I buy one?

If I was buying a new car, the answer would be no. The poor ventilation and air conditioning, quality faults, tactile nasties, rear seat and the problems that arise from, the bonnet line would put me off. There are plenty of alternatives without these snags. I'd rather go for an Astra Caravan, accept its reduced loadspace and replace the drivers sear as long as I could have a diesel one.

It would be different if I was buying second hand. Beggars cannot be choosers and if that is what the dealer had to sell, I'd take it at the right price. It does the important stuff and I'd learn to put up with the design faults.

Read it all again!
Intro Read about what I actually liked!
First Impressions Some things put me off before I even got it into gear!
The rear seat Not a piece of a work about which anyone should be proud!
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Did they actually try this out before it went into production?
Styling and Interior Great to look at, not so good to use
Miscellaneous Niggles All those other little irritations
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