Ford Focus Estate y2K model year.

So, what else did I find to dislike?

The last straws

My first task was to put my bike in the back and take it home. It fitted in easily, more so than in some larger estate cars. I closed the hatch got in, started and drove off. The hatch had appeared to be closed and there was no "open door" warning light but, as I drove down the road, the hatch opened and the warning light came on. Happily my bike stayed in place. I guess that the lock was not fully engaged and the bike was pushing on the hatch from the inside but that is a reason for the hatch opening and not an excuse. We often load that last soft bag into a car and close the hatch compressing the load a little. That doing so could cause the hatch to open later is not a nice thought.

The car came with traction control which popped into life on the manure covered roads around my house but the internal adjustment for the passenger door mirror was out of reach and there was no outside temperature gauge. I know which I'd have preferred.

The fuel filler cap was half broken. This is a very common fault on hire cars. Why don't the car manufacturers learn that drivers unfamiliar with a car often have big trouble filling it up especially in the dark? At least it was locked with a key on the flap rather than with a button hidden inside the car. I hate sitting in an unfamiliar car in the dark while I search for the fuel filler release button.

Despite starting out full, the screen wash bottle ran out before I reached the end of my journey. It was a hot, dry weekend and I only used it occasionally to remove dead bugs. I think that, in winter time this could be a real problem and, on a long drive, you might have to stop more often for water than for fuel!

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