Ford Focus Estate y2K model year.

Now you can read about what I think was the worst aspect of the car.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning

So, finally, I got around to starting up, getting comfortable and driving off. It was a hot day so I wanted some cold air blown on my face.

Clearly that was an unreasonable desire. I am an anatomically normal 181cm and I can buy off the peg clothes in shops all over Europe. So, I'm not a freak but it was impossible to get cold air from the vents in the dash to blow onto my face. The vent between the door and the steering wheel was capable of cooling the back of my hand while, if I leaned over to the centre of the car, I could just about project one ear into the flow of air.

What kind of an omission is that? Do Ford not actually test their ventilation systems by putting real people in the car? I was really shocked by this fault.

The airconditioning system was a welcome feature for an unseasonally hot spring weekend. However, it had one serious drawback. It did not seem possible to regulate the temperature of the air accurately. So, in the end, I would drive for a few miles with the system turned off the then turn it on for a minute or so.

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