Ford Focus Estate y2K model year.

Bad news for back set drivers.

The rear seat

I didn't like the rear seat. I wanted to fold it so that I could put a cooker in the back. I discovered that the rear seat folding system involved flipping up the seat base so that it rested against the backs of the front seat and then tipping the back of the rear seats forward to lie when the base had been and make a flat load bay. Not forgetting the need to break your fingernails trying to remove the rear headrests first. All well and good except that the seat back was split but the seat base was not. Er what is the point of that? If the punter has to pay the cost of a split seat back he should at least be able to use it.

Later, when I was trying to put the rear seat back in place, I discovered another fault. The whole seat fell apart when I tried to return the seat backs to an upright position. Ok, the rear seat back can be lifted out altogether to give even more load space. This is a good thing but the mechanism clearly needs more thought.

When I finally got the rear seat back together, I saw that the central seatbelt in the back was broken. It was an inertial reel mechanism and would not come out of the roll. Well, on a hire car, it is highly likely that nobody has ever tried to sit in the centre rear seat before so that leads me to suspect that this car was manufactured and delivered with a faulty seat belt. So much for quality control.

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