Ford Focus Estate y2K model year.

Overall, this car was OK but, there were some really poor details.

First Impressions

First impressions matter and the key was broken. There was a large button on it which I assume was either for remote locking and alarm arming or for a small torch bulb. Either way, the button did nothing that I could see. Now, we are talking about a hire car with 17,500km on the clock when it came to me so, it is clear that the vehicle had been well used but surely things like this should not fail so early? 17,500km is a lot for a hire car. and I gave it back with almost 20,000. Sixt say that they retire their cars at 11-13,000km so I'm not sure where this one came from. However, I did book the car quite late and so perhaps they were pushed to find the car I requested.

Getting in, I spotted a large cigarette burn on the passenger seat and thought that Sixt should treat me better than this.

OK, that is more about the hire company and the individual car but it does say something about robustness.

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Intro Read about what I actually liked!
The rear seat Not a piece of a work about which anyone should be proud!
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Did they actually try this out before it went into production?
Styling and Interior Great to look at, not so good to use
Miscellaneous Niggles All those other little irritations
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