Mercedes A class: Would I buy one?

Would I buy one? No, under no circumstances. I do not want to feel sick every time that I get in my car. Really, I cannot stress this enough, I do not feel that this car can be used regularly for trips out of town that last more then a quarter of an hour. If you are thinking of a second car to use for the school run and shopping then perhaps this would be OK as it has a lot of room inside and is easy to park thanks to its very small dimensions. But, before you buy one for this, make sure that it is not the second car to a two seater or cramped coupe. It is not suitable for long trips.

There is a lot of headroom so it is probably a good car for hat drivers who cover short distances at low speeds.

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Interior Deceptively spacious
Handling Poor on the open road.
Performance, economy & Ride comfort Almost adequate performance, barely sipped fuel and the worst ride that money can buy!
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