Mercedes A class: Handling.

The handling was OK at town speeds and the car was well able to keep pace with the rest of the traffic. However, these favourable impressions were blown to pieces as soon as we got onto the open road.

The car suffered from very severe tramlining on motorways with slight ruts from truck wheels. It was actually quite hard to pull out of a lane that was moderately rutted. The degree of steering input to pull the car out of the ruts was such that, as soon as it broke free, it wanted to slew dramaticaly off course and a rapid steering input was needed to correct this.

At higher speeds, bumps in the road made the car wobble and pitch in an alarming manner. Even on a vey smooth section of road, you'd not want to maintain speeds of much over 100mph for more than a moment or two as it starts to become hard work just to keep on track.

Also, the car was very badly affected by the wind. Cross winds would have the car trying to wander all over the road and, even in still air, we got a mighty kick in the side from the wake of any truck that we passed. Even small box vans were able to cause this problem!

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