Mercedes A class: Interior.

We were moving three adults twho children and there was plenty of room inside for everyone. We would have been comfortable even with 5 adults on board.

There was enough luggage space for us but, if five adults were going off for a weeks holiday, there would not be enough luggage space for that so you'd need to whack on a roofie.

Inside, things were adequate but not appealing. Also, there was nowhere for a German standard soft drinks bottle. This is just sloppy design. If you go to a service station on a German motorway, you can look in the cool cabinet and see what drinks are being bought by people who are driving these cars. Is that level of sophistication beyond the design teams at Daimler-Chrysler. Oh dear me.

Strapping everyone in place and getting ready to go revealed that one of the doors was not shutting correctly and the warning light for an open door was not operational.

The car loses marks for quality on two points there I'm afraid.

The car was later to lose another quality mark for the fuel gauge. We started on a brim full tank but the gauge read only a little ofver three quarters full. Over the first 200km, the needle on the fuel gauge wandered up and down at random between 3/4 and 4/4 full. There seemed to be very little pattern in this and after 100km we stopped for a break and, on restarting, the needle had decided to take up a different position in the top quadrent from which to resume its Brownian motion.

Under way, it was clear that the driving position was comfortable and, at the end of the days journey, I had no aches and the jpoc back was not complaining.

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