Cafehaus Bistro Pluckebaum

This cafe has both inside and al fresco sections but they are not the normal sort of "tables on the pavement or room inside" that is most common. The outside section is a small courtyard which is very quiet although, surrounded by tall buildings, it has only a limited view of the sky. The interior section has a lovely view out over a small park and some of the springs and rivers in the heart of Paderborn.

Really, the setting is quite delightful. The decor is modern, light and uncluttered. I guess that means that it does not have a great deal of "atmosphere" but it is a plesent place to be.

You can call in here for anything from a coffee through to a light lunch. There is a good choice of cakes, pastries and rolls. The coffee is OK, fresh but nothing to write home about. The food is good. I like the baguettes with salad and smoked salmon most but everything that I have tried has been good. After my first visit here, I've been back several times and I have yet to be disappointed with the results of a visit.

The staff are friendly and helpful though few speak any English. The toilets are clean and spacious.

If you want a light snack with a beer and a coffee afterwards then you should expect to part with about twenty marks.

Cafehaus Bistro Pluckebaum
Am Abdinghof 32
05251 27744
Mon-Fridays 08:00-18:00 Sat 08:00-17:00 Son 10:30-18:00

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