Trattoria Spago

A nice enough bar & trattoria just opposite the Libori Gallery in the centre of Paderborn. It was a little lacking in atmosphere. Maria remarked that it was not very homely.

They have a fairly limited menu and this was a slight problem as one of our party was vegan for the day and another was vegan plus fish for the day.

Once we managed to sort out what we'd like, the food arrived very quickly. We were given generous helpings and the food was jolly tasty too. Between us, we tried salad, smoked salmon on a pizza base and black pasta with smoked salmon. I can personally testify that all three were good indeed. (Here at jpoc towers we are expected to sacrifice our impeccable manners in order properly to reasearch a review.) :-)

The service was attentive, friendly, efficient and patient in the light of our protracted dithering over the menu.

Maria commented that the waitress was pretty but I know better than to notice these things. :-)

We washed the food down with the cheap and cheerful house Chianti. This set us back five marks a glass and was served in tumblers of the sort normally found in school dinner rooms when I was a lad. Hmmmm, yes the setting was a little "smart college of further education cafeteria" I suppose. The wine itself was very good indeed and we were happy to glug down seven large glasses between us.

The bill came to DeM88 which is not bad for three people to have full tums, slightly wobbly heads and nice feelings on the taste buds.

They even take plastic which is not always the case with restaurants in Germany.

Trattoria Spago
Kamp 31
33098 Paderborn
05251 282 288

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