Bahnhof Cafe in Paderborn

The cafe in the railway station in Paderborn is better than you will find in a typical English railway station but it is not as good as those in the larger stations. Just about anywhere that has an ICE service will have better facilities than these.

If you like your tables grubby, your cakes pre-visited by flies and a smoky atmosphere then this is the place for you.

There is an outside area but, as it is on a main road next to the bus station, you are not going to get much respite from fumes there.

On occasion, the coffee seems stale and on about a quarter of my visits there, I have been offered incorrect change. Now, since this is always too little rather than too much and since the person offering the incorrect change instantly replaces it with the correct amount when challenged, I can only assume that it is not an accident. So, be careful.

I'm afraid that the only thing in favour of this cafe is that it is at least a five minute walk to an alternative.

If you do have the time while you wait for a train, I'd recommend a cafe called Kamp which is the nearest decent alternative. You come out of the station by the main exit and turn right. Walk for three or four minutes until you come to a large junction. On the opposite corner of the junction, you will see the cafe "Kamp" cross over with the little green men and settle down for a decent coffee or whatever.

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