Thai-Chinese Restaurant Jasmin

I went here courtesy of my agent in a group of about a dozen people. We had pre-booked and they had organised a few tables into a long bench that would seat us all. The decor was a fairly smart instance of the generic "Sixties Brothel" style that used to be common in upmarket "Star of Bengal" types in the Seventies.

The atmosphere was if anything less preposessing than the decor.

The Thai part of the title seems to have been a fairly token gesture. The English menu only showed Chinese dishes and the German version of the menu had just a few Thai dishes.

We all ordered, I asked for vegetable spring rolls and a dish described as "Duck with Hot Vegetables". I selected the by-the-glass house Red Bordeaux and that was where my problems began. Another of our party had ordered a German Red wine and the waitress switched these. Now, a party of twelve is not that large and one part of a decent watress's job is to remember who asked for what.

Of course, you can argue that people can occasionally make a mistake but what really counts is how they react. I was suspicious of the wine that I was being offered. The colour was nothing like any Claret that I had seen before and I restated that I had ordered the Red Bordeaux. The waitress looked flustered but then rapidly recomposed herself, gave me the glass and said "Yes, Bordeaux."

Indeed, make a mistake and then hope to cover it up. Thank you. At least when I persisted, I was rewarded with a glass of the correct wine which was quite drinkable.

Throughout the meal, service continued to be a weakness. With the food though, the problem was that the service was slow rather than that it was sloppy. One hour elapsed between our ordering and the main course arriving and most people spent a lot of time sitting twiddling knives and forks and wondering when some food would arrive.

When it arrived, the food was OK but no more. The spring rolls tasted just like the frozen ones that you can buy in many supermarkets. Indeed, I must say that Tescos are better than these! My main course was better with decently cooked meat and some interesting flavours in the sauce.

However, I always feel that, if you are going to offer small portions in one of these establishments then the rice had better be special. This was just bland and tasteless.

As for price, most main courses were between twenty and thirty marks which seemed fair. I cannot say that I'll return though. I expect better service and more atmosphere.

Thai-Chinese Restaurant Jasmin
Riemekestr 8,
33102 Paderborn
05251 280428
Mastercard accepted

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