Cafe Kump

This is perhaps the most prominent cafe in all of Paderborn. It is situated on the corner of a busy junction right by the start of the pedestrianised shopping area. If you approach the city centre from the station you will walk right past it.

So, it is not surprising that it gets a lot of business. It has an outside area with a small children's play area attached but, because of the location, this is not so good. Despite the corner setting, the inside seems to be rather short of windows and is thus a little dark for my liking. If you want to sit and read a newspaper with your coffee, this is not the place to choose.

The coffee, snacks etc are OK but not special. You'd never think of going because you want to have some special favourite again. The whole place has a sort of "big and busy but doing our best" atmosphere. If you have forty minutes to kill at the station, you will find that this is the best place to go for a coffee and a quick bite but it you are halfway through your shopping and want to treat yourself to a break, I'd suggest that you look elsewhere. The Pluckebaum is a better idea for that.

Am Westerntor 1
05251 27582
It's always open when I look!

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