Paderborn: The JPOC city guide

My guide to Paderborn is beginning to look a little less empty and I will continue to add things here over the coming weeks.

Paderborn is a small city in the North West of Germany. From the point of view of a Brit living in the town, the main work opportunities are Siemens Nixdorf and Orga both of which use contractors. The other feature to note is that there is a huge British Army base in the town.

Like so many cities Paderborn owes its existence to water. In this case, a series of springs rise in the city centre and join together to form the river Pader.

Registering in Paderborn Where to get sorted with the city.
Public Transport They should be ashamed of this
Paderborn Lippstadt International Airport This is no jewel either
Diocesan Museum A place to get out of the rain
Museum in the Imperial Palace Paderborn A few old bits from an old building
Museum of Paderborn City History The story of the city
A walk down the Pader and around the Padersee A nice stroll for a sunny afternoon
Heinz Nixdorf Museum Forum in Paderborn Allegedly, the world's largest computer museum
The pictures
The Cineplex One place to watch English movies in Paderborn
Restaurants: Eat, Drink and be Merry!
Alt Paderborn Croatian food in Paderborn
Jasmin Thai & Chinese food in Paderborn
Trattoria Spago Italian food in Paderborn
Pizzeria La Mamma Pizzas in Paderborn
Sala Thai Restaurant Thai food in Paderborn
Restaurant Oriental Oriental restaurant in Paderborn
The Paderborn Market Blue Stilton in Paderborn!
Pharmacies in Paderborn Where to get an aspirin
Computer Shops in Paderborn I've started a page on all of the computer shops in Paderborn
Trink Gut Where to buy beer in Paderborn
Newspapers and Mags Where to buy english newspapers and magazines in Paderborn
Station Cafe The cafe at the station
Cafehaus Bistro Pluckebaum The best cafe in Paderborn
Cafe Kump The best known cafe in Paderborn
Ostermann Cafe Cafe right in the centre of Paderborn

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