Guingamp: The JPOC city guide

Well, as you can see, the guide is a little bare at the moment. That will soon be fixed!

This is a small market town in the Breton countryside.

It's some way from the coast and it is not really a tourist destination.

The city's chief claim to fame is the cloth that was invented here and carries the name of the city. In English, the cloth is of course known as gingham.

The city's second claim to fame is that it hosts a very small but exciting football club. En avant de Guingamp have just won promotion back into the top division of the French soccer league and their fans hope for great things from the season to come. They scored a lot more goals than any of their rival teams but they also conceeded more than almost all of the other teams in their division. Like I say, an exciting team. Or perhaps they just had a great striker and a rubbish keeper. :-)

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