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They were never better than here.

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Ten out of ten.

Pink Floyd at their best.

My review

Animals is perhaps the last occasion on which all four members of the classic Pink Floyd line up were all contributing fully to an album.

The album continues the "Dark Side of the Moon" themes of alienation from and dissatisfaction with the modern world with its false facades.

Roger Waters bleak views of the world are not to everyone's taste but when they come with music this good, can you really complain?

My favourite track here is "Pigs (Three different ones)" mostly because all four band members are really getting into the song. But, it is invidious to select a favourite track from an album like this. First of all, everything here is of the highest quality but secondly, this album is all of a piece and really needs to be seen in that light.

For me, this album really does represent the very peak of Pink Floyd's work. I cannot say that if you only have one Pink Floyd CD, it should be this one because I know that if you only have one of their CDs, it will be "Dark Side of the Moon" but this should be at the top of your shopping list.