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Unrelenting energy.

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My Rating

Seven out of ten.

Not bad at all.

My review

I like this a lot. Mostly because there is just so much energy and enthusiasm. Listening to this album for the first time, I found myself constantly wondering what was going to happen next. I was not disappointed at any point.

Musically, this album is fairly straightforaward rock with punk overtones. All of the songs are fairly short so there is no room for extended solos or musical development but there is always something happening here.

I was particularly struck by the drumming which really drove the music along.

"Total Bummer" was my favourite track here. Great drumming, guitar and melody. But really it's hard to pick out anything above the rest because all of the songs here are good to listen to.

The lyrics seemed to be the weakest part. But who cares too much when the music is good? The exception to that is the last track. "Theme From a NOFX Album" which has one of the funniest rock lyrics since the heydays of the Bonzos.