Snuff: Tweet Tweet My Lovely

Fairly standard and unadventurous punk.

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When punk rock burst on the scene over twenty years ago, it set out to change the face of popular music. Now, punk is an established musical genre and the circle has been completed.

The style here here is pretty much formulaic punk and if you are into the genre, you will like the music that Snuff turn out. Some of the music here is pretty good. I liked "Iyehl Tiadu Leikh", "Thief" and "Verdidn't" which all carried a little more musical interest than the other tracks. Also, "Arsehole" was quite witty in its way.

The other tracks here are OK but none of them really do anything that hasn't been done by many other bands.

Any music collection that has some punk CDs probably has room for one by Snuff and this one would be as good a choice as any. Recommended but don't expect anything great.