Snuff: Numb Nuts

Middle of the road punk?

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My Rating

Five out of ten.

It's OK but just not special.

My review

Imagine a bunch of competent musicians setting out the write original material and perform it in the style of the Sex Pistols and you will have a good idea of what this record is all about. I hope that they are trying to poke fun because it would be sad if this were a serious effort.

The music does not have the same edge and raw aggression that the Pistols had. I suspect that is more a matter of the production and the lead singer than anything else. If "Numb Nuts" implies a flaccid collection in the style of the Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks" then the title is spot on.

I note that the CD is available with a slightly different track selection and running order depending on whether you have the UK or US release.

I cannot pick out a favourite or least liked track as they are all very similar. I'd have to recommend just about anything by the Sex Pistols as a superior alternative to this.