Queen: A Day at the Races

This is very much a sister album to "A Night at the Opera" which was released shortly before.

Queen were enjoying huge success both critically and commercially. Bohemian Rhapsody from "ANATO" had a long spell at the top of the UK charts, the band toured to sell out audiences and Freddie Mercury strutted and flaunted on stage. The band were at the absolute top of their form.

From that platform, they created an album so vibrant and with so much energy, it grabs the listeners attention and will not let go.

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My Rating

Ten out of ten.

The Queen album that everyone should have.

My review

The music is very straightforward, short direct songs that rely on lyrics, vocals, simple instruments and energy with little or nothing in the way of the sort of special effects that are sometimes used to reinforce weaker bands. Classic rock indeed.

Most of the songs are written by Brian May and Freddie Mercury with one number apiece from the other band members Deacon and Taylor. It's very hard to select a favourite from this album as every song is good and there is no filler.

Like many other albums that are released on CD, the record company seems to have felt the need to add some sort of bonus material. Here we get remixes of "Tie your Mother Down" and "Somebody to Love" which really add nothing to the original recordings. Perhaps they are included to illustrate how good was the original production and mix.