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My Rating

Eight out of ten.

Not their best but a great debut.

My review

If you have never heard this debut album, you may well be surprised at how raw it sounds compared to other Queen work. Certainly, there is much more band and less producer here. For a debut album, it is very accomplished indeed. No weak songs and no filler.

"Keep Yourself Alive" and "Liar" are my personal favourites but I'll happily listen to every song on this CD over and over again.

The CD shows up some limitations of the original recording in terms of levels of noise but this is not uncommon in recordings from so long ago.

The re-mastered issue of this CD contains the usual batch of bonus tracks but in contrast to some other releases, there is some material worth having here.

The first extra track, "Mad the Swine" is a pretty weak song but it is interesting as it was the one song left off the album originally and it is not otherwise widely available.

The second version of "Keep Yourself Alive" is an interesting treatment of the song, the band members certainly sound as though they are enjoying themselves here. Everyone seems to be putting a little more into the song.

I'm not normally a great fan of remixes but the last bonus track, the remix of "Liar" is good and improves the song rather than just demonstrating the tricks available at the mixing desk.