Solid rock music from Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Classic Neil Young from the seventies.

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Ten out of ten. Neil at his best.

My review

Released in 1975, not that long after the classic Harvest, this album shares the same downbeat mood though this time, the backing band were Crazy Horse and not the Stray 'Gators. Thus, the musical style is more rock than country.

This is a great album with no weak tracks at all. Dangerbird is my favourite here. What a terrific song. It is one of Neil Young's best ever efforts. More than that, it is one of the best rock ballads ever with some superb guitar and bass licks.

Barstool Blues is another great song, Neil's singing at its best and the classic Crazy Horse guitar sound is here at its finest.

Cortez the Killer is perhaps the best known track on this album and it too is a knockout song. Where Dangerbird was surreal and Barstool Blues dealt with modern day angst, this song refers back to the brutality of the Conquistadors.

Along with Harverst, this CD stands out as the top of Neil Young's early years and it is essential part of any collection of his work. If you particularly like this album then you will surely be interested in some of his later work with Crazy Horse such as Ragged Glory.