Neil young goes fifties rock 'n roll!

Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks Everybody's Rockin'!

It is rumoured that the was recorded by the artist to get back at his record company.

Whatever, the result is a short and funny collection of fifties style tracks from Neil Young.

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My Rating

Seven out of ten. Not Neil's best work and in no way indicative of the rest of his output but nonetheless, a whole lot of fun.

My review

This is wonderful. I am sure that Neil Young had a lot of fun making this and I know that I had a lot of fun listening to it.

The album is a collection of ten songs in fifties rock and roll style. Lots of echo especially on the vocals, syrupy backing vocals, classic twelve bar chord progressions. Added in are occasional bursts of harmonica that sound like sixties Dylan. It's great.

The songs all sound fresh and explore many differet facets of the period. The lyrics range from from the pastiche of "JellyRoll Man" to a strident complaint about the music business in "Payola Blues" all delivered with Neil Young's characteristic vocal range.

You only get 25 minutes of music for your money on this album but I guess that, in that time, Neil Young said just about all that he had to say in this style. More would probably have lead to some degree of repetition.

This album will not appeal to everyone but any Neil Young fan with a sense of humour will enjoy it.